CrossFit Wild South 160921

Rāpare – Thursday

16th September, 2021


In 5 min:

Find your 15 rep max Thruster

In 5 min:

Run 800 m

In 5 min:

Max Rep Thrusters with 15 Rep weight



In 5 min:

Find your Max reps unbroken Dumbbell Thruster (22.5/15 kg.)

In 5 min:

Run 800 m

In 5 min:

Max rep Dumbbell Thrusters



In 5 min:

1 Push-up + 1 Strict Handstand push-up

2 Push-up + 2 Strict Handstand push-up


In 5 min:

Run 800 m

In 5 min:

1 Push-up + 1 Strict Handstand push-up

2 Push-up + 2 Strict Handstand push-up





WOD Design and Logistics


Fully + Partially Loaded:

Today we have created a 15-minute workout that utilises thrusters and running in a plugged-in work to rest format.

First, you find your heaviest 15 rep thruster (max unbroken for Partially Loaded), then, your run as hard as you can for 800 m, and then you perform an AMRAP of your 15 rep thruster load for 5 minutes.

The lower body is going to feel this the most today and the challenge will come in the last 5 minutes after the run when you are still left with so many thrusters to go!

Fully Loaded: You only have 5 minutes to find your 15 rep, so we suggest that you should only attempt this a maximum of 2 times.



Today we are working on a pressing complex in two different pressing planes. How it works is that you perform 1 push-up + 1 HSPU in round 1, then 2 of each in round 2 and so on until the 5 minutes is up. You repeat this for the first 5 minutes and the last. Technically, the only built-in rest you will get will be any rest you get after your 800 m running effort.




Three scores: Thruster load + 800 m time + Max Thrusters


WOD Goal


Fully Loaded+Partially Loaded:

The work to rest ratio spread is different for each section. The first 5 minutes will be about maximising your rest to get the highest load. The second 5 minutes will be about getting the 800 m done as quickly as possible and recovering for the remaining 30 sec – 1 minute you have left, and the third 5 minutes is about going all out for the full 5 minutes and getting as much work done as possible.

For the last effort, you should be able to do sets of 4-6 with your load consistently. If you are able to keep repping out 15 reps unbroken, then your 15 rep max that you performed earlier is not a true 15 rep max 🙂



Because the design is a little different, the first and last sets should be attacked with a consistent pacing rather than all-out efforts. Your first 5 minutes will likely yield more reps than the second attempt. Both push-ups and HSPU are movements that hit failure relatively quickly for most of us so just getting as far as you can with your scale or progression will work well today.





Run: Reduce the distance to 600-700 m if needed. Ideally, we want to achieve a minimum of 30 sec. rest.


Fully Loaded:

Thruster: Scale load as needed. Scale to push press if you can’t go through a squat.


Partially Loaded:

Thruster: Scale to one Dumbbell with one hand on either side of the dumbbell.



Push-up: Elevate your hands if needed.

Strict Handstand Push-up: Reduce ROM to a max of  1 abmat and 20kg plate. Then scale to kick up to the wall into a handstand and hold for 2 sec then perform a negative rep, or, use a pike push-up.



400 m Run OR 500/400m Row OR 24/18 Assault bike


3 Rounds

20 Plank shoulder taps

10 Good morning to squat

10 Down dog into cobra – keep moving

10 Half Handstands (on spot)

10 Alternating Hip lifts

Max Headstand/Frogstand hold – if less than 30 sec. Do two attempts – scale to plank.

20 Air squats


400 m Run OR 500/400m Row OR 24/18 Assault bike – a little faster this time.




(10-15 min.) Review and prep for Thruster/PU-HSPU

Review movements as needed.

* Use one Dumbbell as Single-arm to review for the Partially Loaded track.

Front Squat – Press – Push Press – Thruster

1 x 10 reps

2 x 8 reps

* Fully Loaded: Increase load each set. You shouldn’t be AT your working weight during this, but you should have a good idea of what you want to start with.


1 Push-up + 1 HSPU

3 rounds

* Prep as needed for the workout

(15 min.) Perform Workout



Take a walk to cool down, then:

1 min. Each side seated hamstring stretch – hold the pose

1 min. Alt. Sit-up to pike and straddle

1 min. Flexi swimmer stretch – hold the pose

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