LEGENDS OF MOVEMENT is specifically for the 60-65yrs+ out there, our expert coach Tash will be exposing you gently (and with the appropriate modifications) to the CrossFit methodology to help keep you moving better, for longer.

Specifically looking to improve the overall general movement outcomes for the senior members of our community, Tash will also be increasing your confidence, strength, balance and mobility as well as providing a safe and social space for you to enjoy what we do here at CrossFit Wild South, without all the young whippersnappers around.

This is your space, to do your thing, with an expert movement coach.


When are the Legends of Movement classes?

Starting at 11 am on Monday 30th January, the Legends of movement classes will run every Monday and Thursday from 11 am for 45 minutes (or so)


What does a Legends class typically look like?

  • We spend the first few minutes checking in and seeing how everyone is doing. How has the week been? Any big news? The fun aka antics typically begins here.
  • We warm up. Warm-ups vary, but we design them to get your heart rate above resting, and the blood circulating so you start a small sweat, and we loosen you up so it’s easier to move around.
  • We work on dumbbell and kettlebell movement(s) that help increase joint range of motion, build strength and endurance, and help build muscle memory for patterns that we do often.
  • We work on picking things up, such as medicine balls, dumbbells, and kettlebells.  We move light to moderate loads and keep the loading specific to the individual.
  • We do a “workout” that is at a little higher speed than the rest of the class. In the workout, you have a task and a goal, and we keep it as fun as possible, almost like a game.
  • We rest in between each segment of the class and allow for any questions or clarification.
  • Everyone works at their own pace and ability level.
  • We cool down stretch and talk about the workout.
  • You go home impatiently waiting for the next one!


How much are the Legends of Movement classes?

Just $10 a session, cash or EFTPOS is available, pay as you go.

Talk to us if you want to purchase multiple sessions at once.