Here is a quick overview of what you and your child can expect:

The classes are for children aged 5 to 9 years old and it is BIG fun for all ages. Broad – Inclusive – General fun.

Each session begins at 3.45pm and will run for 45 minutes and begins with an introduction to familiarise each child with the plan and some expectations for the session. We then have a warm-up consisting of games and activities to prepare them for the skills and workout portion that follows. Often a game will close out the session.

Your child needs to be comfortable when participating in the Wild South Kids Program.

Suitable clothing is a must, shorts/tights and t-shirt/singlet with a hoodie/warm top available would be a good minimum standard for the activities.

Wear suitable shoes, bring a towel and a drink bottle.

Your child may also need some light afternoon tea prior, as this is not provided.

Is my child able to join the classes?

Everybody starts at different levels, our job is to make your child better whether they are a beginner or an elite athlete. We do not expect your child to do exercises or movements that they physically or mentally cannot perform. Every aspect of our Wild South Kids Program can be modified to a level that is achievable but will also challenge the child enough to make it rewarding and BIG fun.

Wild South Kids holiday program agility course – a fun, exciting and educational way to develop fitness

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