Welcome to the CrossFit Wild South Community

Here are all the things you need to know as a member. If you have any questions, please get in touch.

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Your membership commitment is dependent on the membership option you selected, paid in advance (Endurance 1 renews automatically by default). If you need to upgrade, downgrade, cancel or suspend please talk to us.

We prefer to have payments made via online banking to our account below.

Our details are:

Bank ASB

Name: CrossFit [INH]

Account number: 12 3154 0122426 00

Reference: Unless you already have been assigned a membership number, please use your name as the deposit reference.

The following is a copy of our Membership terms which are in the membership agreement you complete on sign up.

Classes need to be booked in advance and do not accumulate if unused or Classes are fully booked.
Members can purchase additional CrossFit Skills concessions in addition to the memberships.
Membership payments are in advance, payments can be fortnightly or Monthly.

Membership Term:
The members acknowledge and agree that they will maintain membership and pay the dues specified for a minimum Term of the membership selected. The Member agrees that they will be liable for dues for the entire membership term selected in the amounts as stated herein regardless of usage or any change of circumstance.
Initial Payment: The Member agrees to make an initial payment as agreed to ensure payments are made in advance of service.
Next Payment: The Member understands their next payment is due on the same day of each calendar month as the date started

Membership Renewal:
After the initial Membership Term has expired, all Agreements shall automatically continue from month to month at the prevailing membership rate, which is subject to change, until I contact CrossFit Wild South in writing to cancel. The Member is responsible for all charges billed or incurred prior to cancellation. The Member further agrees that their membership benefits are exclusive to them and are in no way transferable to anyone else.
CrossFit Wild South agrees to provide, and the Member agrees to purchase competent instruction, supervised by qualified personnel trained in the procedures and traditions of the CrossFit strength and conditioning program.

Availability of Facility:
a. Scheduled classes are by appointment only; Due to safety and the availability of equipment, there are limits to the class sizes. To ensure you do not miss out on a class, please book via Zen Planner early to avoid any disappointment on the day if the class is fully booked. (Waiting lists are available on selected classes.)
b.“Open Gym” classes are available with this membership are for members to use the equipment and facilities. The facility generally will not be running a programmed “WOD“ during this time. There will be a supervisor on site during open gym hours. Unless there is an “Open Gym” you may only use the facilities during scheduled classes, scheduled events or by appointment. Operating hours and current class schedules are listed on our website at www.crossfitwildsouth.com and on Zen Planner. CrossFit Wild South reserves the right to change operating hours and/or class schedules at its sole discretion without any effect to this Agreement.
c.Limited Availability: CrossFit Wild South may close its facility from time to time or have parts of the facility unavailable. If this period of closure if for longer than 5 days, CrossFit Wild South may extend the expiry date of this agreement upon request.

Cancellation of Membership by Member:
The Member may cancel this membership at any time after written notice. There are no refunds for membership fees and the full amount remaining of the membership selected at the time of cancellation is due to CrossFit Wild South.
The Member is due to any associated collection costs for failure to pay the remaining balance of the membership to CrossFit Wild South within 14 working days after the cancellation date. Memberships cannot be transferred to another member.
The Member must give notice of cancellation by a method that will allow you to prove that you gave notice, including registered mail to,
CrossFit Wild South
117A Crinan Street
or by email – info@crossfitwildsouth.com
or by personal delivery of the Cancelation/Hold request form – HERE
If the Member sends the notice of cancellation by registered mail to,
CrossFit Wild South
117A Crinan Street
or by email – info@crossfitwildsouth.com
or by personal delivery of the Cancelation/Hold request form – HERE
it doesn’t matter if CrossFit Wild South receives the notice within the required period as long as the Member sent it within the required period.

Membership Hold:
The Member may hold the Membership for a term of no more or no less than 1 month of this membership term of the membership selected. Hold requests for periods longer than 1 month, while not permitted for this membership, may be granted for special circumstances on a case by case basis.
The member must give notice of hold by a method that will allow you to prove that you gave notice, including registered mail to,
CrossFit Wild South
117A Crinan Street
or by email – info@crossfitwildsouth.com
or by personal delivery of the Cancelation/Hold request form – HERE
If the Member sends the notice of cancellation by registered mail to,
CrossFit Wild South
117A Crinan Street
or by email – info@crossfitwildsouth.com
or by personal delivery of the Cancelation/Hold request form – HERE
it doesn’t matter if CrossFit Wild South receives the notice within the required period as long as the Member sent it within the required period.

Lost Articles:
CrossFit Wild South assumes no responsibility or liability for lost or stolen articles. Lost and found articles not claimed after 30 days will be donated to charity or thrown away.
Smoking, Alcohol, Food, and Drink:
No smoking is allowed in any part of the facility. Food or drink may be taken into the facilities if it is in a non-breakable, enclosed container. No alcohol is permitted anywhere on the premises during normal class times. Special events may permit alcohol and you will be advised of those terms and conditions specific to the event.

CrossFit Wild South is committed to the health, safety, the welfare of each of its members and staff and will not tolerate unreasonable, threatening, obscene, harassing, indecent, unsafe or illegal behaviour. You must follow the instructions of CrossFit Wild South and it’s staff at all times and as such CrossFit Wild South and its staff has the right to judge behaviour and respond accordingly. This right includes, but is not limited to, termination of this membership without refund, of any member engaging in unacceptable behaviour.

Members shall pay for any damages to CrossFit Wild South property which results from the willful or negligent conduct of a member, member’s guest or dependent children.

a. This Agreement contains the entire agreement between the parties and supersedes any prior written or oral agreements between them concerning the subject matter of this Agreement. The provisions of this may be waived, altered, amended or repealed, in whole or in part, only upon prior written consent of all parties.
b. The Member has read, and fully agrees to the terms of this Agreement and understands and agrees that by signing this Agreement (and associated MEDICAL WAIVER) the Member has given up considerable future legal rights. The Member has signed this Agreement freely, voluntarily, under no duress or threat of duress, without inducement, promise or guarantee being communicated to him/her. Member certifies and warrants that he/she is 18 years of age or older and mentally competent to enter into this Agreement.
c. If any portion of this Agreement is deemed illegal, void or unenforceable, then the remaining Agreement shall remain in effect.

The Member acknowledges and agrees as follows:
1. The Member has chosen the selected membership to enable them to attend the facility for the conditions of the selected membership.

2. Upon completion and full payment of the Membership selected, if the Member intends to continue training with CrossFit Wild South then the Member must enter into a new Agreement.

3. CrossFit Wild South or any party designated by CrossFit Wild South may photograph or film the Member while the Member attends the premises of CrossFit Wild South and use of any and all such photos, video footage and/or video streaming for promotion, sales, publicity and advertising purposes for all media, including, but not limited to, the internet.

4. The required physical exertion may be strenuous and cause physical injury, and the Member is fully aware of the risks and hazards involved. The Member hereby represent that they are physically fit to receive and participate in the prescribed course of instruction. The Member acknowledges that they have been advised to consult with a physician prior to and regarding their participation in the Classes and that my physician has confirmed to them that they have no medical condition which would affect their full participation in the Classes.

5. In consideration of the Member being permitted to participate in the Classes, the Member for them self, their heirs, executors, administrators, successors, assigns and anyone else who may claim on their behalf hereby waive any and all claims, liability and damages they may now or in the future have against CrossFit Wild South, its directors, officers, instructors, and staff and all persons acting under its authority and their respective heirs, executors, administrators, successors, and assigns, arising by any means whatsoever, including, but not limited to death, injury, damages to or loss to my person or property of any kind whatsoever, no matter how caused arising from or in connection with the Members’ participation in the Classes, however, caused.

6. The Member further hereby release, remise and forever discharge CrossFit Wild South, its directors, officers, instructors and staff and all persons acting under its authority and their respective heirs, executors, administrators,successors, and assigns from and against all demands, claims, actions, damages,costs and expenses arising from or with respect to death, injury, damages to or loss to the Members person or property of any kind whatsoever, no matter how caused, arising from or in connection with my participation in the Classes whether or not caused by, in whole or in part, the negligence or gross negligence of CrossFit Wild South.

7. The Member will hold harmless and indemnify CrossFit Wild South, its directors, officers, instructors and staff and all persons acting under its authority and their respective heirs, executors, administrators, successors, and assigns from any and all liability for any damage or injury to the property or persons of any third party resulting from their involvement in or presence during any of the Classes.

8. The Member will comply with all the rules and regulations of CrossFit Wild South that although listed above, may change from time to time for the safety and enjoyment of all members.

9. In addition to any rights and remedies it may otherwise have, CrossFit Wild South may terminate this Agreement upon ten days’ written notice to me if the Member fails to comply with their obligations under this Agreement and do not cure any such failure within ten days after receiving notice of such failure.

10. Failure to attend the Classes does not relieve me of the obligation to pay the full tuition for the program or phase in which the member is currently enrolled.
11. The Member confirms that the provisions in this Agreement constitute the entire agreement between the parties hereto and supersede all prior communications, proposals, representations, and agreements, whether oral or written with respect to the subject matter of this Agreement.

12. CrossFit Wild South is committed to protecting the privacy of personal of our customers. We make every effort to ensure that the information you share with us is recorded accurately, retained securely and used only according to your wishes. We collect personal details necessary to communicate with you and manage our ongoing business relationship with you. If you have any questions about how your personal information is handled or distributed, or if you wish to receive a full copy of our full privacy policy, please contact our privacy officer.

13. The member acknowledges receiving a copy of this Agreement.

14. The Member understands their rights and obligations as stated above. The member confirms that they are the full age of eighteen years (unless otherwise indicated and countersigned by an adult of eighteen years of age or older) and that they have read and understood this release and waiver of liability and they am aware that by signing this Agreement they are waiving certain legal rights, including the right to claim damages which them or their heirs, executors, administrators, successors or assigns may have against CrossFit Wild South.


For Members:

1. Booking for all classes need to be made through InFlux App, if you have any issues booking please contact Stacy.

2. Show up on time for class, in fact, 10 to 15 minutes earlier is recommended. Each component of the class has a specific time frame and each is important to ensure our community gets the best, most professional experience during a session.

3. During class times we follow CFWS programming for the day. Other programming may be done by members outside of class times, usually during Personal Programming Sessions.
Please talk to your Primary coach if you have any questions or concerns.

4. If you are unsure of a movement or a weight option through any class, please stop and ask our coaches.

5. Respect your coach and fellow CrossFitters.  We are a diverse group and come in all shapes, sizes, ages, and fitness levels and we love it!

6. Respect CFWS and the facility and equipment. Strip your bars, return weights, pick up your water bottle, journal, and clothes once you are finished.

7. The Coach running the class is in charge. They can at anytime scale down weights and movements or modify a WOD if they feel it necessary for your safety and for you to have an effective workout.

8. Track your progress. By writing things down or recording them on Beyond The Whiteboard you’ll be able to monitor your progress and may even hit some PR’s along the way.

9. Children are usually welcome as long as there is no interference with class. Speak to the Coach before class begins. You are responsible for your child when they are in the box.

10. Tell your coach about any injuries or illnesses you have PRIOR to the class starting. There is always a way to scale movements if necessary.

11. BE POSITIVE and try not to be overwhelmed! CrossFitters of all abilities are always learning and refining their technique. The road to better fitness never ends but it should be satisfying and enjoyable. There is lots of help and resources available to make you Fitter. Stronger. For Life!

Doing the WOD RX “as Prescribed” is definitely without question a great sense of achievement. However, as satisfying as it is,  doing an RX’d workout is a progression of your CrossFit Journey and should not be attempted if you do not have all the movements down.

Do Not attempt to Rx a work out if you are not capable of lifting the weights or performing the movement with good and safe form/technique. There is no point in risking a potential injury just to get the best time.

Check with the coaches they know where you are (more than you think).

Another point to make and a common question is When to Rx?’.
If you are able to Rx most WODs do you need to do everyone?
The answer is Yes but also No.

If you are at an RX level you should know your body by now, and one of the key things you should know is to ‘listen to your body’.
Rxing a WOD is good, yes you should do this but you should also put some planning and strategy into your weeks workouts.

This may be you: Aim to Rx one WOD this week and then the other WODs you will simply practice and improve on your form and technique.

If there is a Benchmark WOD and it is something you can Rx, then that is the one to do.

Check in again with your Primary Coach, discuss this in your Goals review or with your training partner (or group).

1) Sleep

No amount of supplementation, nutrition, or bizarre techniques will take the place of sleep.

Get at least 8 hours sleep every night, in fact, shoot for 9. Go to bed before 10 pm, get some blackout blinds, Why does it matter so much? Hormonal regulation and secretion of cortisol, melatonin, serotonin, dopamine, testosterone and growth hormone, to name just a few, are all dependent on quality sleep. Couple HIIT-type training + sleep debt, and you massively and chronically spike your cortisol levels; this leads to an accelerated phase of over-reaching, possibly overtraining (there’s a difference), and potential adrenal fatigue.

2) Post Workout Nutrition

Get in some protein and carbohydrates after you exercise. But didn’t you just burn that fat off?

Here is a really excellent guideline if you want to know how much, (it really depends on what your goal is)

The formula is based on what your body fat % is and therefore how much carbohydrate your body can tolerate.

post wod fuel male:

  • above 12% – 30g prot/10g carb
  • 8-12% – 30g prot/25g carb
  •  below 8% – 30g prot/40g carb

post wod fuel – female:

  • above 16% – 20g prot/10g carb
  • 12-14% – 20g prot/20g carb
  •  below 12% – 20g prot/30g carb

Eat a balanced PFC meal 45-60 min after post wod fuel for everyone (P=protein, F=fat, C=carb)

We aren’t saying you have to have a protein shake, (they are easier to get in post workout, but you can find these grams of protein and carb as you chose ie a piece of chicken and some sweet potato). Also, notice it says have a balanced meal an hour after exercise.

3) Hydration, post work out you can be dehydrated and have toxins floating in your body. Drinking water helps your muscles to recover. Likewise, turn up at the gym for your next WOD hydrated, and you will perform the best you can.

4) Active Recovery- Make sure you’re having some days off (away from the gym). But still, move on those days you’re not at the box losing some sweat. Getting that blood flowing, even at extremely low levels of intensity, can enhances and speed recovery, and even eliminate DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). You should aim to have 1-2 days off a week, and possibly when you first start CrossFit 3 days off.

Frequently Asked Questions

In case we missed something, we have compiled a list of some of the questions we have had over time and the answers.

Q: Can anyone attend the Personal Programing sessions?

A: Yes, Personal Programming sessions are for members that hold specific memberships, please ask a coach if you are not sure.

Q: When do you clear payments I’ve made against my membership?

A: If you pay by Ezi Debit they clear immediately. If you deposit into the CFWS bank account, we clear payments on Fridays.

Q: I have Health and Fitness goals I wish to achieve how do I get started.

A: Please talk to Stacy or your Primary Coach.

Q: Can I bring a friend.

A: Yes, but all people new to CrossFit will need to do our Free Intro class, they cannot join a regular class.

Q: I need to suspend, change or cancel my membership, how do I do this?

A: Please contact us at info@crossfitwildsouth.com

Q: Who does what at CFWS management and who should I speak to?

A: In general, all inquiries can be sent to info@crossfitwildsouth.com but please feel free to talk to Stacy or contact your Primary Coach directly.

Stacy McNaught

 0800 788 4537

Please don’t contact CFWS Coaching team directly through Facebook PM in their capacity as coaches, use the email above, the pop-up chat or the 0800 number.