CFWS Nutrition Workshops

What are they?

A healthy lifestyle is laid on a great foundation of good food, good sleep and enough recovery for your body to do the things you would like it to do.

These Nutrition Workshops can help you with your nutrition goals. From planning your week, measuring for your goals, snacking and the emotional side to eating, we covered the vast majority of the CrossFit Wild South community needs. As always, if you have any specific needs around your nutrition, you should talk one on one with your Coach.

Week 1 – Planning your week.

There is a general move away from the term “paleo” to the term “Ancestral diet” essentially recognising different populations ate differently around the world. They were all healthy despite huge variations in macro-nutrients (carbs, fat, and protein).

We can assume from the last 50 years of health, nutrition, metabolic disease, and obesity rates that food companies, government authorities, and mainstream media are not the people we should be looking to for food advice.

You are the best person to assess how you do best. That said, you need to be prepared to break habits, you need to be prepared to try something for at least three weeks. We can measure our health by how we look, feel and perform. You may also choose to get some blood-work done (inflammatory markers, insulin sensitivity, and cholesterol measures). What other measures can we use for health?

This workshop is to discuss:

    Buying and eating the right foods- surround yourself with foods that support your health and  goals- this may or may not be homemade bliss balls, nuts, bacon, coffee, butter

    Creating a strategy that works for you! (And your family)

The handout for Workshop 1, including food matrix.

Work through this weekly planner alongside the food matrix to get a picture of what a week looks like.

As we know, planning is the key.


The full unedited Workshop (1hr 20mins)

Week 2 – Measuring for your Nutritional Goals

The full Workshop (58 mins)

Week 3 – Snacks and substitutes

The full Workshop (58 mins)

Week 4 – Our relationship with foods

We live in a world of plenty, with more than enough food to choose from. Wander down any grocery store aisle and marvel at the options in every category.
We choose foods for many reasons besides hunger. (If eating was as simple as putting gas in a car, we’d have no obesity) Personal taste, family preferences, cultural influences, emotional reasons, health concerns, societal pressures, convenience, cost, and variety and quantity of the available offerings all come into play when we choose what to eat.

If you learn more about what influences your choices, you may be better able to control what you eat each day. This workshop will discuss some of the main factors at work in our food decisions and the way we eat.

This workshop will discuss some of the main factors at work in our food decisions and the way we eat.

The full Workshop (58 mins)