MUMMA LIFTED is a personalised pre and post-natal strength and conditioning programme, set in a spacious and relaxed setting. Mumma can come and move safely, while children can be nearby or even move with Mumma.
Our goal is to not only provide safe and specific movement support for you in this amazing time of life but to also provide space for connection between you and your Little One throughout the session time together. We keep our classes functional and relevant to how we, as Mummas and Mummas-to-be, need to be moving our bodies outside of class times.



When are Mumma Lifted classes?

Starting at 1:30 pm on Monday 24th April, Mumma Lifted classes will run every Monday and Thursday from 1:30 pm for 60 minutes (or so).

Tuesday mornings will start 2nd of May at 11 am, also for 60 minutes (or so).

What does a Mumma Lifted class typically look like?

  • We spend the first few minutes checking in and seeing how everyone is doing. How has the week been? Any big news? 
  • We warm up. Warm-ups vary. We design them to include good breathing techniques and light cardiovascular or dynamic mobility movements. The goal is to increase the heart rate to slightly above resting, get the blood circulating and warm up our bodies so we’re loosened up enough to enjoy the rest of the session.
  • We work on dumbbell and kettlebell movement(s) that help increase joint range of motion, build strength and endurance, and help build muscle memory for patterns that we do often.
  • We work on picking things up, such as medicine balls, dumbbells, kettlebells, or our Little One. We move light to moderate loads and keep the loading specific to the individual.
  • We do a “workout” that is sometimes at a little higher pace than the rest of the class but is still appropriate for the stage that you are at with your pregnancy or postpartum journey. In the workout, you have a task and a goal, and we keep it as fun as possible, almost like a game. Everyone works at their own pace and ability level.
  • Between each segment of the class, there is an opportunity for rest and space for any questions or clarification.
  • We end each session with a suitable cooldown, stretch and time for conversation.
  • You go home impatiently waiting for the next one!


How much are the Mumma Lifted classes?

Just $10 a session, cash or EFTPOS is available, pay as you go.

Talk to us if you want to purchase multiple sessions at once.

How do I attend Mumma Lifted classes?

Just scan the QR code (or click it) to create an account (free).

You will then be able to register for the Mumma Lifted sessions.

Payment can be made at each session, or by arrangement.