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CFWS @ HOME Friday 27th August, 2021


While we are expecting to be running this format right through the weekend, and hope that the news is different later on Friday, we are prepared for a move to level 2. 

You will see classes appear again on your Member App on both Saturday AND Sunday before a potentially adjusted schedule for the following week.

Should Level 3 be the card that is dealt, we will be holding all memberships until we are able to open the gym again. Niki and I absolutely appreciate the support you give by continuing your payments, as any small business does in this situation, but it’s something that we no longer feel comfortable with. The online delivery will continue, as will gear loaning until we get the word to open again.

Remember, to make sure that you get the most out of the online sessions, remember to check in on the daily workout briefs at 7 am, 10 am and 5 pm (Please book them through your Member App to get the meeting link). There is also a download link in the comments on the daily Facebook post for those that aren’t fussed on the ZOOM thing. 

Where practicable, we are also loaning gear out this week. 

Do reach out if you need anything Crew.



Single-arm Kettlebell Over Head Squats, pick load

Toes to Kettlebell

2 Cartwheels (each side) between each round



30-second handstand hold

10 Deck Squats

2 Cartwheels (each side)

60-second handstand hold

20 Deck Squats

2 Cartwheels (each side)

90-second handstand hold

30 Deck Squats

2 Cartwheels (each side)


WOD Design and Logistics


Today’s workout is one with a high skill component that drills in on our squat position, overhead stability and gymnastics. While the equipped and equipment-free may appear quite different on paper, in reality, we can expect a solid challenge from both workouts. The movement videos for the gymnastics today are more tutorial-based so that you can take some time playing with the progressions and really look to build the skill of the movements. We know that any incremental improvements that we can make in our overhead squat will significantly, and positively, impact a wide range of movements we utilise to grow our fitness. Not least of which is our ability to receive and recover our most challenging lift, the snatch.


The total time taken to complete all of the movements.

WOD Goal/Intent


The goal for everyone today is to focus on the squat position, both in the overhead squats and the Deck squats along with the overhead stability from the handstands and overhead squats. While it might seem a lot to be keeping an eye on, we know that identifying movements that challenge us will ultimately pay dividends in our fitness over time.

We want you to play with the cartwheels, even if it is that you end up doing one of the progressions from the videos in the workout. You will be able to take that skill an build on it over time.

We can expect the workout to take around 12-18 minutes.



Single-arm Kettlebell Overhead Squats: First, reduce the load. You can take the load all the way back to simply holding a can of fruit. A dumbbell is also fine today if you don’t have a Kettlebell.

Toes to Kettlebell: Wall lying hands to feet will work well here today.

Cartwheels: Scale to 2 attempts, one each way. There is a range of progressions to play with that will grow this skill for you. Check out the Pioli ones in the recovery section.

Handstand hold: Scale these away from free standing to the wall then to wall-facing handstands (wall walk hold).

Deck Squats: Elevate the floor a little to help your range of motion, a few cushions or a mattress. We can further change the movement to some candlesticks. 



Mobility - 10 + minutes

Shoulder Warm-up complex 1 - (you will want to follow along with this video) 

Long Lunge Flow

Over and Under the fence drill


3 times through

3 Jefferson Curls

5 Wall Squats

7 Burpees

20 Toy Soldiers


(10 min.) Review and Prep for the Workout


3 times through reviewing the movements, increasing the load and complexity each round if possible: 

5 Single-arm Kettlebell Overhead Squats (each side)

5 Toes to Kettlebell

1 Cartwheel Progression

*The last round should be at your workout options


3 times through reviewing the movements: 

15-second handstand hold

5 Deck Squats

1 Cartwheel Progression

*The last round should be at your workout options


(12 - 18 min.) Perform the Workout


(10 - 15 min.) Extra credit today for playing with the Cartwheel progression videos

Carl Pioli Cartwheel Progression 1

Carl Pioli Cartwheel Progression 2

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