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While I certainly hope the situation changes for the better with respect to the alert levels, I am planning for a full week out of the box. 

Many of you will be in a similar situation with your workplace/home schedule being firmed up too, so the coming week will look like this as far as our training goes.

Every morning at 7 am I will be on ZOOM to brief the daily WOD so that everyone has the opportunity to get the best from each workout and have a bit of a catch-up. These will be posted live to Facebook so they can be viewed by everyone during the day if 7 am doesn’t work.

A full ZOOM class won’t follow, you will be free to workout whenever your schedule allows for the day.

I will also be available to catch up via ZOOM, just message me and we can touch base. I also expect to post a few blocks of time to Facebook for those that just want to chat or come and hang out for a cuppa.

Where practicable, we are also loaning gear out this week. Do reach out if you need anything Crew.



For time:

1000m Run buy-in

20 Alternating Dumbbell Deadlift Row, pick load

40 Single Dumbbell Skull Crushers, pick load

60 Dumbbell Clean, pick load

80 Dumbbell Thrusters, pick load

100 Walking Lunges, pick load

1000m Run buy out



For time:

1000m Run buy-in

20 Inchworms with Hand Release Push Up

40 Wall triceps Push-up

60 No Push-up Burpees with 1x hip touch each side

80 Air Squats

100 Walking Lunges

1000m Run buy out



WOD Design and Logistics


Everyone: Today’s workout is a long chipper workout that we want to attack in 2 parts for both the EQUIPPED and EQUIPMENT-FREE versions.

We can expect to be 30+ minutes for this workout.


The total time taken to complete all of the movements.

WOD Goal/Intent

Everyone: After negotiating ourselves through the run at a moderate pace, the goal for everyone is for the 20 and 40 rep movements to be done slowly and with a focus on creating and maintaining optimal positioning to maximise the full range of motion. Once we hit the 60 rep movements, we can let the handbrake off and give it the jandal, while still maintaining great position, as these movements lend themselves to us moving through each rep faster. Just make sure you leave enough gas in the tank to get through the 2nd 1km run as your legs will certainly feel a lot different than on the first run...


Run: Don’t talk yourself out of the run distance, the weather is expected to be fine. However, if you feel the running with the volume of movements sandwiched between them is not your jam, simply trim the distance up a bit.

Dumbbell Movements: First, reduce the load. A single dumbbell or kettlebell will also work well here, simply alternate or halve the reps for each side. 

Inchworms: Use your normal push-up scale or remove the push up altogether.

Wall Triceps push-up: Have your body more upright to reduce the difficulty.


Mark out or measure your run distance 


3-4 times through

10m Bear Crawl (Or 10 plank shoulder taps) + 5 Burpees

10m Backward Bear Crawl (Or 10 plank leg lifts) + 5 Jumping Air Squats

30 second Crab hold + 5 Kick-sits each side

Posterior Chain Prep

3 times through 

12 Split-stance Good Mornings (switch legs after 6 reps)

12 Floor Back Extensions


(10 min.) Review and Prep for the Workout


2-3 times through reviewing the movements, increasing the load each round if possible: 


2-3 times through reviewing the movements: 

(12 min.) Perform the Workout


(10.) Recovery 2-3 times through

1-2 min. Each position Banded Shoulder Stretches OR Door Lat stretch 

20 Slow-paced Alt. Kneeling Supermans

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