CrossFit Wild South 140921

Rātu – Tuesday

14th September, 2021


30-minute AMRAP


20 Single Arm Dumbbell Overhead Alternating Lunge (Pick Load)

45-sec Slamball Wall Hold (Pick load)

20 Burpee over Slamball



30 Minute AMRAP


20 Single Arm Dumbbell Overhead Alternating Lunge (Pick Load)

30-sec Dumbell Front Rack Hold (Each Side - Pick Load)

20 Burpee over Dumbbell



20-minute AMRAP


20 Arms Overhead Walking Lunge

20 m. Bear Crawl

20 Burpee + Jump to High Target




WOD Design and Logistics


After yesterdays ‘sprint’ and tomorrow’s heavy deadlifts, we are working on a 30-minute trudge today. Nothing should stop us in our tracks too much today, we will just need to find our lungs and a willingness to push hard.

The Single-Arm Dumbbell Overhead Alternating Lunges are done by holding the dumbbell overhead in one hand for 10 reps, then they switch to the other hand for 10 reps.

We want the Burpee to be a little higher than usual so jumping over the slamball/dumbbell should create that relative to a normal burpee.

For the Slamball Holds, we have our heels, butt and shoulders touching the wall and hold the slamball up high on our chest. If we can't do 45 seconds unbroken, we need to at least accumulate it across a couple of attempts. For the Dumbbell Hold, the same wall position as the slamball hold, but with the dumbbell in the front rack position. 30 seconds on each side, accumulate if necessary.



If possible, grab a broomstick, can or something to hold over your head. Otherwise, simply hold your hands above your head while you lunge.

If bear crawling isn't an option due to space, do them on the spot.




Total rounds and reps completed in 30 minutes (20 minutes for the unloaded track)


WOD Goal


Fully Loaded+Partially Loaded:

The load is set to moderate-heavy for the Lunges. For people who have poor shoulder mobility/stability, this load may feel heavy, and it might be hard for people to perform the movement in a good position. See scaling to avoid this.

With the higher jumping standard, people’s turnover rate for the burpees will be a little slower than usual. That is ok, that is what we are looking for today.

The goal for most people should be over or around 5 rounds. Nothing will be done really fast, but we should aim to be consistent across the 30 min. and just move constantly and well.

* The Slamball/Dumbbell hold might slow us down a little due to the nature of the movement and the "strict" way we want it held. That is fine.



Even with the time reduction to 20 minutes, people doing this track will most likely get through 5+ rounds given the lack of load for any movements.

We figured 30 minutes is a long time for you to be performing burpees 🙂 which is why we rolled out 20 minutes here, but feel free to ramp it up to 30 minutes if you are keen though!

You should still aim to be consistent across each set and not go out too hard, or you will hit a wall around the 10-minute mark 😉




Fully Loaded+Partially Loaded:

Lunges: Scale to hold the Dumbbell at your side (10 reps each side per round).

Hold: Scale time in the hold if needed, then scale to a 20m. bear crawl

Burpees: Scale the jump to a regular burpee and/or to a kickback if needed.



Lunges: Scale the reps to 15 per round if needed.

Bear Crawl: Scale to mountain climbers or if being on all fours is an issue, scale to a 200 m run.

Burpees: Scale the jump to a regular burpee and/or to a kickback if needed.



(5 min.) Get Warm

Inchworm + 6 push-ups, then inchworm + 5 Push-ups, etc down through 4, 3, 2, 1 Pushups


2 rounds of 30 sec Plank + 30-sec side Plank on each side (on hands, not elbows)


2 rounds of 3 x 6 point burpees (crouch, jump out to the top of the pushup, the bottom of pushup, top of the pushup, jump to crouch, JUMP in the air!) – pause at each position in round 1, flow-through more smoothly in round 2.




(10 min.) Prep for Workout – We shouldn’t need a lot of prep since the workout is so long, the first few rounds will act as a sort of prep.

2 x through

6 Walking Lunges

6 Single Arm Dumbbell Overhead Walking Lunges with weight. – progress to workout weight on the second round

30 sec Hold with Slamball/Dumbbell or perform a 10m. Bear Crawl

4 Burpees jumping over the workout object (Slamball/Dumbbell).

* Prep as needed for the Workout.



Lacrosse Ball in the shoulder blades and Pecs
Band-assisted Good Mornings.
1-2 min. each

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