CrossFit Wild South @HOME 070921

CFWS @ HOME Tuesday 7th September, 2021



3 point squat

Broad Jump

Deficit Push-up

* 3 point squat 1 rep =

1 right lateral squat

1 air squat

1 left lateral squat




Single Dumbbell Cluster (pick load)

Broad Jump

Deficit Push-up




Wall Ball (9/6 kg.)

Broad Jump

Ring Push-up



WOD Design and Logistics



Today we are descending the reps from 21-9, for a total of 69 reps per movement in a lightly loaded/gymnastic workout. The legs, shoulders and chest are going to get the most out of today and we are going to rely on some strength endurance to get us through all the jumping and push-ups.

Watch the Broad Jumping volume on this one. For healthy hips and knees, it is safe, but those of us who have any issues there should think about either scaling the reps down or, switch to a regular Box Jump (Jump up/Stepdown). Especially coupled with the wall balls, our legs will start getting pretty fatigued after a few rounds.

The standard for the Broad Jump is a standing two-footed takeoff. Set out roughly a 1 m distance and jump back and forward clearing those two markers. If you want to be strict on yourself about enforcing the clearing distance, that is fine, just bear in mind it may slow you down a bit.



For every wall ball/cluster our Fully and partially loaded buddies are doing, we will be performing three reps. Two lateral squats + one air squat.

Your total volume here will be tripled, but the total time shouldn’t change too much given the lack of load.


Partially Loaded

For the deficit push-up, use dumbbells, stacks of books, or anything that you can find to place under their hands. We are looking to make the movement at least 50% harder than a regular push-up.


Fully Loaded

The ring push-up standard is to ideally have the body be parallel to the ground. You can either have your feet on a box to achieve this or set the rings as low as possible to roughly achieve this. At the bottom position, your biceps should connect strongly with the rings.



Time to complete the workout


WOD Goal



Make your goal to do all the wall balls/clusters unbroken. This will be challenging, especially as we fatigue, but a lot of the time we will stop a few reps earlier than we really need to. So get motivated to push through for unbroken sets. It might even mean that we need to rest a little more in the other movements. Remember, day in and day out it isn’t about ‘winning’ workouts but rather about ‘winning’ achievements.

These small achievements will end up making us better in the long run! = ‘winning’.

The broad jumps and push-ups will be harder to perform unbroken/quickly. Our ability to ‘bounce’ will us pretty quickly within each round, but try to encourage yourself to jump each rep with intensity. This is where setting that distance standard will come in handy, you will be more accountable. We expect that most people will need to break the push-ups up from the start but do try to stick with a number that you know they can hit each time. Somewhere between 3 - 5 will be realistic for most of us and still keep us moving rather than looking at our arms.

We are expecting up to 15 minutes to complete the workout, which we expect most people will hit, but a handful may creep over a little.





3 Point squat: Scale to regular air squat as needed.

Broad jump: Scale to on the spot high knee skips, or to hamstring sliders instead.

Deficit Push-up: Scale to regular push-up, or to elevated hands push-ups.


Partially Loaded:

Dumbbell Cluster: Scale to a regular thruster with one dumbbell if needed.

Broad jump: Scale to on the spot high knee skips, or to hamstring sliders instead.

Deficit Push-up: Scale to regular push-up, or to elevated hands push-ups.


Fully Loaded

Wall Ball: Reduce the height of the target. (assuming that reducing load is not an option)

Broad jump: Scale to on the spot high knee skips, or to hamstring sliders instead.

Ring Push-up: Scale to deficit push-ups then regular push-up, or to elevated hands push-ups.


WARMUP ~ 5 - 10 MINS

(10-15 min.) Warm-up (set up an over/under station with stick/chair)

Then perform:

4 Step-over/crawl under

8 Air squats

4 Burpee, hop over

8 Split stance rock to tall split stance kneel

10 Plank shoulder taps

8 Cat cows + 8 Dog Pee stretch

4 Over-unders – scale to step-over if needed.



(10-15 min.) Prep for the workout



Review the 3-point squat with a few total reps.


Fully Loaded+Partially Loaded:

Review wall ball/dumbbell cluster with a few reps (5-10).


Then, perform: 3 x Broad Jump for distance

* In between each attempt, perform 3-5 ring/deficit push-ups, or your workout modification.

* Prep as needed for the workout.


(15 min.) Perform the workout



(10 min.) Warm-down flow

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