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CFWS @ HOME Friday 3rd September, 2021




4-point Heel Taps


Cossack Squats



1-3-6-9-12…. until you can’t perform unbroken sets

Complex (1 rep = the following:)

1 Hang Dumbbell Cluster

1 Dumbbell Thruster




Complex (1 rep = the following:)

1 Hang Cluster

1 Thruster

* unbroken



WOD Design and Logistics

Today is intended to be a Strength style Workout.

We are trying to mix things up a little to ensure that we still add some strength, but they are fun, safe and easy(ish) to perform at home.



We have a fun triplet in store for these athletes. It involves similar mechanics to the other two versions, but with no loading. We are still pushing, squatting and loading the midline, just in a different way!

For the 4-point heel taps, we use two objects to tap over (the video shows one object). We start with our first tap on the far side of the first object, then tap to the left over the two objects, then back again to the start (right). Those 4 points = 1 rep.

For the cossack squats 1 rep = 1 squat left + 1 squat right.


Partially Loaded

Same rep scheme, same load across all sets, which creates a "fatigue over time" stimulus, and as far as you can go using the same load.

This is still not for time, rather how many sets can we get to before we need to put the load down.

Keep in mind, on set 4 (set of 9), the total rep count will be 18!


Fully Loaded

For those that have the gear, it is a great opportunity to practice some barbell cycling in the bigger sets.

There will need to be a built-in rest between each set, and for each set to count, we need to perform all reps unbroken. So, for the set of 9, we are effectively doing 18 total reps, for the set of 6, it would be 12 total reps and so on.

1 Rep = 1 Hang Cluster (Squat Clean into Thruster) + 1 Thruster.

The intention is to lift as heavy as possible for each given set.

Each set is to be performed unbroken.

We are doing the set of 9 first so we can create a little momentum and warm-up fully before we attempt our set of 1.



Unloaded: Time to complete the workout

Partially Loaded: Score total rounds and reps completed unbroken

Fully Loaded: Score load for all 4 sets




Unloaded: The workout should take around 10-15 minutes for most of us.

The burpees will get our breathing going, while the other two movements are more about building some strength through those positions.

It is not intended to be a sprint, but we should feel good after we have done it!


Partially Loaded: The key to us getting as far as possible here is going to be to recover well between sets. Same as the Fully Loaded version, allowing up to 3-minutes between each set should be enough.

Depending on the loading we use, a great goal would be to get to the set of 9, which is an unbroken set of 18 reps.


Fully Loaded: The intention is to lift as heavy as possible for each set.

This could be a little tricky to figure out for most of us because we don't really do strength complexes all that regularly to gauge ourselves on.

That said, I would rather you go slightly too heavy and fail than get the set done really fast without having to breathe a little hard and be challenged. Remember though, you are not allowed to drop the load during each set, so if you do, we are expecting you to have another crack with the same or a slightly lighter load.

We should perform a set roughly every 4 min. This should give us at least 2.30-3 min recovery time. If you find that you are really starting to fatigue by the last few sets, increase the rest by a minute so that you can really hit those last sets hard!



Fully and Partially Loaded:

Scale load as needed

* For partially, scale the rep scheme to 2-4-6-8 if the jump in threes seems too high for the loading that you have available at home.

* If needed, scale the cluster to a power clean + thruster



4-point heel taps: Scale the height of the objects to suit your ability. The higher the object, the harder the movement. Scale further to floor taps on the spot with support from hands as needed.

Burpees: Scale to a kick-back if needed.

Cossack Squats: If ROM is too limited, perform single-leg deadlifts instead.


WARMUP ~ 15 - 20 MINS

(5-10 min.) Warm-up

10 Walking good-mornings

30 sec Plank Hold

10 Alt. Single leg deadlifts

10 Alt. Cossack Squats

10 Plank Shoulder taps

2 rounds

(10 min.) Shoulder Prep


Turkish Get-up – each arm

* If possible, add load to each set. Aim to do them unbroken on each arm if possible.



(10-15 min.) Review Movements


Fully and Partially Loaded:

With an empty Barbell/set of dumbbells, go through some progressions for the Hang Cluster and Thruster, then perform a few reps of the Complex;

Front SquatPress with Squatting stancePush PressFull Thruster

Hang Power CleanHang Squat CleanFull Hang Cluster

Then, prep for the workout as

3 x 3 reps of Complex

2 x 5 reps of Complex

* Add load each set.

* The second set of 5 should give you a good idea of what you may want to start your first set of 9 with.

* Prep as needed for Workout

(20 min.) Perform the workout



(10-15 min.) Review movements and prep for the workout

Tabata Hollow Hold/dead bug– scale to knees bent

20 sec. on/10 sec. Dead bug

Then, perform:

2 x 4-point heel taps

4 x 6-point burpee (pause at each point of burpee)

6 Alt. Cossack Squats

* Prep as needed for the workout



Cool Down with some lying Internal rotation/extension work

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