CrossFit Wild South @HOME 020921

CFWS @ HOME Thursday 2nd September, 2021


AMRAP 30 min.

15m Bear Crawl

45 Object Jumps

45 sec. Handstand Hold

45 Push-ups

45 Jump to touch a target



AMRAP 35 min.

45 Dumbbell Swings (pick load)

45 Object Jumps

45 Dumbbell Sit-up to Overhead Press (pick load)

45 Push-ups

45 Jump to touch target



AMRAP 35 min.

45 Kettlebell Swings (24/16 kg.)

45 Box Jumps (24/20 in.)

45 Medball Sit-up to wall toss (9/6kg)

45 Push-ups

45 Jumping Pull-ups



WOD Design and Logistics

From short to long. Today we are cranking it up to a 35-minute grinder. We have a great mix of pushing, pulling, jumping and hinging in store. We are staying away from the squatting today, but the legs are still going to get a workout in. The rep count per round is high. It will be a mental tenacity test as well as a cardiovascular test.



We have reduced the time to 30 minutes. That is enough time to get the desired stimulus in. No one should feel cheated with that 🙂

Today, we are performing bear crawls and handstand holds. If you are a bit tight on space, then perform marching bear crawls for 45 counts instead.

If you don't have anything to jump on, find something to jump over – back and forth.

For the handstand hold, time 45 sec. If you need to come down within that time, don’t stop the clock, just kick back up and keep holding and accumulate the 45 seconds.

For the jump to touch the target, make the target (on a wall, above your head on a low roof….) at least a couple of hands lengths away, so you need to achieve a reasonable jump.


Partially Loaded

We have maintained most of the intended stimulus with this one. If you are unable to find an appropriate object to jump on, jump over the dumbbell for 45 reps instead. For the Dumbbell sit-up to overhead press, hold the dumbbell on your chest, then on the way up from the sit-up, you press the dumbbell with hands overhead.

For the jump to touch the target, make the target (on a wall, above your head on a low roof….) at least a couple of hands lengths away, so you need to achieve a reasonable jump.


Fully Loaded

The loading is light and the skill is fairly low, making it a fun, sweaty workout for all.

For the Med-Ball Sit-up to wall toss. Perform this about a body length away from the wall (seek permission from the wall owner BEFORE you throw the ball at it...). On the way up from the sit-up, you toss the ball (low) to the wall and it will bounce back once before you catch it. Play around with distance from the wall, but we want a good hard chest pass style throw and catch to happen.



As many rounds and reps as possible in 35 minutes (30 minutes.)


WOD Goal


Everyone: Given the high rep scheme, performing each movement unbroken might be a stretch, even for the first round. It also might not be a great strategy if you are wanting to keep a bit of energy up your sleeve across the 35 minutes.

A good pace/goal is to break the loaded movements + push-ups into two to three sets and get through the jumping movements as best you can, with breaks here and there if needed.

The limiting factor for most of us will be our breathing after about 10 minutes. If we are finding that we are short of breath before then, we have overcooked our pacing and we will need to dial it back a little.

One round will take around 12+/- minutes for most of us. Completing the third round might be doable for some people, but getting through half of the third round will be a good goal for most of us to aim for.

Unloaded: We will be able to get through each round a little quicker than the other versions.

The same pacing strategy remains, conserving energy is the key factor to not blowing out too soon.

Completing three rounds in 30 minutes should be manageable for most of us.





Kettlebell/Dumbbell Swings: Scale the load as needed. If we can't scale the load, scale to a Russian swing or reduce the reps.

Box/object jumps: reduce the height as needed. Scale to jump-overs mentioned earlier or step-ups if we didn’t perform them yesterday.

Push-ups: Scale the reps to 30 per set. Then reduce the range of motion by elevating hands, then scale to knees.



Bear Crawl: modify to on the spot bear crawls.

Handstand hold: Modify to wall walk as far as possible, or to a pike plank hold.

Jump to touch target: modify the jump as needed.


Partially Loaded

Dumbbell Sit-up to Overhead press: Omit the press, then omit the Dumbbell.

Jump to touch target: modify the jump as needed.


Fully Loaded

Med-Ball Sit-up to toss: Omit the throw and make them our normal med-ball sit-ups.

Jumping Pull-ups: Increase the height of the box underfoot so that the pull/jump are made easier.


WARMUP ~ 5 - 10 MINS

(5-10 min.) Warm-up

10m Bear Crawl forward + Bear Crawl Backward (do on the spot if no room)

5 Inchworm + Push-up

5-10 Air squat to jumping jack

5 Half handstands – scale to attempts or plank get down/ups

10m Bear Crawl forward + Bear Crawl Backward (do on the spot if no room)



(10 min.) Prep for the workout


Go through each movement and perform 5-7 reps of each and coach as needed:

Swings/Bear crawl


Sit-up to toss/press/Handstand hold


Jumping Pull-up/Jump to target

* Prep as needed for the workout

(30-35 min.) Perform the workout



Lie with feet up the wall for 3+ min. Add a shoulder/arm extension with weight in the hands if possible.

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