With love, we remember Anmari.

As many may well be aware, Anmari passed away in July and this Friday 14th of August is the 1-year anniversary of Anmari’s first day with us at CFWS. With her family and friends blessing, we have a tribute workout for Anmari that will be programmed at all of our classes on Friday.

For Time

1.5km Run

3 rounds of

14 Sumo Deadlifts 90/70

36 Box Jumps 24/20

1.5km Run

The 14 Deadlifts represent the 14 years she dedicated to her Triflor family and were her movement of choice. We have made them Sumo's in honour of her beloved Pup who also passed away recently.

Box jumps were her biggest battle in the gym, which she overcame during her Fundamentals. The 36 represents her time with us on earth.

In total, we are running 3kms to represent the wins she made during our running cycle last year (which she was very proud of).

It would be wonderful for as many of our CFWS Community as possible to take the opportunity to pay tribute to Anmari together on Friday. There are, as always, scaling options to make this workout suitable for you.

With love we remember Anmari

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  • Annie Jordaan

    We are humbled by this beautiful and meaningful gesture! Thank you for being such a wonderful part of our beloved Anmari ‘s life!
    Bless you all